Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paris photos.

AB with Harry's New York bar in the back ground

AL at the Louvre

AJ at the Louvre

Can't even get away from dancing in Paris... Note the love padlocks..

Paris awakes

Arc de Triomphe

The very popular rental bike

The 3 girls at the  La Tour Eiffel

Home Time


We arrived home in Sydney at 6.30am this morning... only bumps were coming into Sydney, but here safe and sound.

Beth & Linda are mid air as I type on their way home to Gold Coast and Tamworth. We are all looking forward to bed tonight. Hard to stay awake though, any one who says they sleep on flights are kidding them selves, except for Business/first class... Singapore were a bit slow with the assistance for mum, but we made our connecting flight easy.. Those overseas airports make Sydney look like a regional airport..

Once again I must say how much I loved Paris, the people were so friendly.. helps to stay away from tourist places I think.

Mum drove home safely from here and was already getting her bag unpacked, and organising her washing...

I have over 2000 photos... how am I ever going to put a book together out them I will never know.

Another big thank you to mum for giving us this wonderful opportunity, I have memories that will last a life time. And not to mention the dreams of future travel.

Friday, March 25, 2011

It is nearly over


Only a few hours left on solid ground... Paris is the greatest and I personally will return....

We have made the most of every minute and we are all totally stuffed....  The weather has been so kind to us while we have been away and we wish we packed more summer clothes.. Paris is HOT!!!!!

So off we head out again this time for a afternoon coffee... everything is at arms reach, we couldn't wished for a better location...

A tout à l'heure
The Girls

more photos while I can


St Abbs

Coldingham Sands


AB playing leap frog



York Minster

Castle ruins

Scotland boarder

St Abbs


Tweed River

St Abbs

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Enjoying a Ploughmans Lunch in Llangollen wales

Ruins in Wales

The extent of the wildlife...

with Peter & Lorna in front of our 1598 cottage in Calver


Farewell afternoon tea inside our cottage, with Peter & Lorna